As a Community Chaplain
In our community there are so many needs that we can address . Together we will form a chaplains network to help those in need  visiting them in hospitals, nursing homes , prisons and also help in all our programs. We have a place for your ministry and a mission to share with you . Join us to Edify the world.


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Donating to Our Projects
Through your donation you can make this dream possible and help many people, projects and programs here and around the world. Using the Paypal botton below you can donate any amount using your debit or credit card. You don't need a paypal account to donate. As you finish the donation process you will receive a email with the receipt for your donation. Thank you very much.


As a Volunteer 

Volunteers are the soul of our organization because they bring life, joy as they inspire others. As a volunteer you will receive training, experience and feel joy to impact the world. Join us and bring your skills, knowledge and passion to help people.

How Can You Help?