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Our Mission:
Edify International is a Non-profit Christian organization incorporated in Massachusetts USA working by Faith with an open vision to welcome partners in order to operate through an International network of friends supporting  social, humanitarian and educational projects worldwide.  As we give the bread we also spread the Good News following the model of Jesus.
Our flag is to support those in need and to edify lives expressing the love of God.



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​​A holistic vision of mankind : 
Body, Soul, Spirit, Social and Environment.
An Integrated Mission: 
Working openly promoting partnerships with other projects, communities, businesses, groups, volunteers and initiatives to edify the world thus expressing the love of God without compromising our faith.
An Organized Mission: 
We need to organize our resources and potential as we  face of so many needs and challenges in the world.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Model

A Mission in the Model of Christ: 
1. Jesus was the greatest example of servant. He came to serve and not to be served.
2 His mission was outside the of building edifying lives.
3. He came to give and not to take from others.
4. He trained others and sent them to make a difference in the world without creating dependence on Him but pointing to the Father
5. His theology was simple and practical captivating people by love and not by doctrines, dogmas or religious practices.
6. He will judge us for our actions based on our expression of love.
7. He has given us authority to do His mission
8. He believed in those who made mistakes, sinned and failed until the last moment of their lives by giving them opportunity, forgiveness and life.
9. He was the expression of God's love as the Father's Gift of Salvation to the world (John 3:16)
10. He announced the Good News of Salvation.